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Executive Coach Halifax Breda Pickering
Breda Pickering

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Executive & Corporate Trauma Coach

Executive Coach Halifax Scott Pickering
Scott Pickering

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Executive & Mindset Coach

Our Story

We bring an incredible amount of successful experience to the table, both from the Corporate World and most recently from the Online space in coaching and mentoring.

We are originally from Ireland (Breda) and the U.K. (Scott) After successful Corporate careers we retired from the 9-5 and moved from Dublin to Spain for a few years. We then moved to Canada, Montreal for 10 years and now reside in the beautiful Atlantic province of Nova Scotia.

We love to travel and enjoy exploring all that Nova Scotia has to offer from it’s numerous beaches where we go with our dogs regularly to an abundant waterfront in Halifax and the many wineries in the Annapolis Valley. Our lifestyle is a reflection of our success and our priority to manage our work life balance through the same principles we share with our clients.

Coaching is a very broad subject and although we can and do coach on all areas, we do have specialist areas which we focus on based on our experience and core strengths. These are explains more in our individual profiles.

Achieve Success Today Executive Coaching was born from a desire to provide a unique service based on our understanding of life, business and the complexities each can present.

We know there is a need for coaching at a higher level where executives need to be able to go somewhere safe and secure to express their complete truth about what they want to achieve without being judged within the workplace for perhaps exposing a “weakness”.

It can get lonely at the top of any organization – something we both experienced and when you open up fully it can be used against you in terms of moving forward. That is why we saw the need to provide a confidential but high-level service of coaching where you can be fully open and honest and have more of a peer to peer conversation because you know your coach will understand where you are coming from.

We will work with you to establish a clear set of goals and steps to achieve the results you desire. We will hold up a mirror so you can see exactly who you are being now so you can become who you desire to be.

For this to be successful the choice of coach is vital. We believe that a successful coach must exhibit rapid learning and quick understanding of any situation their clients may be facing.

We feel that one of the most important aspects of the client coach relationship is to be able to respect the coach and what they bring to the table.

How many of us have looked into coaching but just cannot find that person who brings not only strong emotional intelligence but also can display intellectual capacity and have some experience at the level you are currently at.

Who wants to be coached by someone you feel does not understand your situation, or has not reached the heights of success you have. It’s hard to imagine how they can assist with your personal growth through any challenging situation.

Both Breda and Scott have worked at Director Level in Multinational Companies across more than 20 countries with diverse cultures. 

We know what is required to get to that senior level but also to continue to grow and adapt to stay there and then also if appropriate to have further plans for their next stage and purpose in life.

Why work with Achieve Success Today – because the action you take today will transform your results. Don’t wait, don’t procrastinate – Start Today – sign up for a free discovery call to see if we can assist you.

To Find out more about Breda and Scott – go to our individual profiles.