What You Can Expect

We will engage in a “Free Discovery” call initially to see if we have the potential to work together and if one of our executive coaching packages will assit you to reach your goals.

With one of us as your coach you will receive:

  • Total confidentiality in everything we discuss
  • 100% non-judgmental understanding, support and belief in you as a person

  • Absolute commitment from us to you in helping you achieve your goals

  • The tools to understand your inner self and a process to set in motion the steps to achieve your goals

  • We will continuously evaluate your situation so you can see you are making progress

  • There may be work to be done between sessions to accelerate your progress

  • You will have email access throughout the process so you feel supported on your journey

  • You will sign a contract which will also set certain boundaries for both parties

1. Establish the base line. Ground Zero; where are you right now.
2. Agree the “End Game”. Where you want to be at the end of our work together.
3. Create the “Road Map” to achieve the “End Game”.
4. Look for and identify the key goalposts along the “Road Map”.
5. Plan the coming sessions to cover the “Road Map”.
6. Continuously note the key goals achieved on the “Road Map”.
7. Review our time together and verify the new you, versus the original goals that were set.

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Our Executive Coaching Packages

We offer fully customizable packages to fit the specific goals and objectives that our clients have.

The duration of our packages range from 6 sessions to 24 sessions (or longer if required).

Our recommended minimum level of engagement is 6 sessions to ensure we both have enough time to see tangible results. 

We do offer a payment plan and all sessions are paid for in advance. 

We will recommend a package after our discovery call when we know what your needs are and that we have a potential to work together.

Package Details

Individual Sessions are priced at $250 per hour – by chosing a Package you will receive a discount on the hourly rate.

We also offer customized packages and Installment Plan Options – please contact us for further details.

Package A


Package B


Package C


Schedule a Call

Schedule Your FREE CALL

Book your Online Discovery Call now to see if we have the potential to work together.

Duration: 45 minutes

Your Coaching Program Includes:


  • Most likely, an initial session to establish your goals and to assess where you are now in relation to what you want to achieve. This will depend on your reason for engagement

  • Recordings of every session so you can focus and engage during the sessions rather than taking notes

  • Access to our client portal where we can share and store documents and any relevant material to collaborate on. This will also keep track of your sessions

  • Clear action steps to complete prior to each session so you know exactly what to do next

What Will We Focus On?

All sessions will be conducted via online video call so we can work together wherever you are located.

Our programs are designed to generate powerful, sustainable results and transformation. As applicable to your situation they may focus on such topics as:

  •  Your current role and your desired path
  • Feeling stuck

  • Loss of purpose and passion

  • Loss of focus

  • Needing assistance with goal setting and steps to get the desired outcome

  • Feeling isolated

  • Self-awareness issues: increasing your self-awareness, so you are authentic and aware of your areas to focus on to get the results you desire

  • Self-esteem issues

  • Stress management

  • Communication issues and improving your communication to enhance your leadership to positively influence others

  • Being Triggered: Owning how you react to triggers so you can remain calm to get better outcomes

  • Improved work performance, life balance and congruence to be in alignment with your goals and purpose

  • Learning to be present in the moment so you are not creating unnecessary stress

  • Creating positive habits to get yourself in alignment with your goals

  • Mindset awareness and techniques to ensure you are cultivating a growth and positive mindset

  • A Desire to change Habits no longer serving you

  • Work life balance issues

  • Communication issues

  • Corporate Trauma – where you are suffering trauma in the workplace and have no inside support that is non-judgemental and confidential