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Executive Coach Halifax : Passionate About Assisting Others

Executive Coach Halifax Breda Pickering offers a personalized blend of life & executive coaching, to assist you to reach your personal best in all areas of life. You are here because you are looking for a way to effect long lasting change to improve your current situation – whether that is in your personal or work life.

My mission is to work with you to avoid or recover from burnout or stagnation because you feel there is nowhere to go to get the focus and elevation you need to reach your goals.

For me one of the most important aspects of the coaching relationship is to allow you to build trust in a “safe environment” so you can be fully open to the journey and the process of transformation based on your own goals and purpose.

One of the first steps will be to explore and establish what your goals and purpose are and to create a path of alignment to your required outcome while ensuring you are staying true to yourself.

I use a very different style of goal setting so it become less pressured and more fun. 

I have 14 years of work experience at the highest level in the Corporate world where I felt I had no one within the organization I could speak to about my own personal growth and limitations without that affecting my position and being judged as having weaknesses – luckily, I found an excellent coach who I could completely open up to which allowed me to brainstorm and express myself in a safe environment. 

When I left the Corporate world I decided to pursue coaching as a way to assist others like you and me, who want to be able to speak freely about their challenges and desires without being judged and also to be able to discuss options with an open mind and be stretched to reach your potential.

You cannot be fully productive in your life if you don’t know what your goals and purpose are – you won’t even be able to identify what changes you need to make or what you don’t need to change if you don’t have a clear vision of where you are headed – and it’s totally OK not to know – we all need to course correct at times and check in to see if our current goals and purpose are still serving us.

Reach out to me for a confidential session to see if we have the potential of working together.

Executive Coach Halifax Breda Pickering

Area of expertise corporate trauma

Corporate Trauma or also known as Corporate Traumatic Stress Disorder (CTSD) is becoming more of an issue for employees.

Trauma in the workplace can be from an isolated incident or in more serious cases when there is a repletion of incidents combined become unbearable for the individual.

From my experience it leaves the employee feeling isolated and, in many cases, feeling hopeless about rebuilding trust and self-worth.

It can affect even the greatest employee because it is usually derived from someone else’s insecurity. It can come at us completely out of the blue and leave us in a place we never thought possible.

When this happens there is often no safe place to go within your workplace to voice your experience and to have a non-judgmental conversation to get you back on track.

And when a career trauma does happen, it can be difficult to recover from.

I have successfully recovered from Corporate Trauma myself and have coached numerous others through this exceptionally stressful experience. 

I know first-hand how real it is and it is my mission to assist others to rebuild their confidence and self-worth when they are exposed unnecessarily to Corporate Trauma through low Emotional Intelligence in Management.