Why Executive Coaching ?

People choose Executive Coaching for a variety of reasons. They may be experiencing stress, burnout, or struggling with emotions that are overwhelming.

 Some people look for guidance in exploring options for the direction that they truly want to be traveling towards in their lives. Maybe they want to develop new positive habits and find a more balanced approach to everyday life.

 Many people know they need to change, but simply struggle to start or they know that they would benefit from a well -balanced problem-solving structure or maybe it’s as simple as a desire for a little extra support.

The reasons are limitless…

The bottom line is that deep down at the core, many people choose coaching to simply be proactive in making their mental health and well-being a priority.

 The Stigma long associated with looking after ourselves through “Therapy or Coaching” has long gone despite certain parts of everyday life via Social Media telling us we can do everything in life on our own. If anything, Social Media pressures have made seeking a coach more of a necessity in some cases.

 We all benefit from structure, guidance and support to figure things out. Especially when it relates to deep issues such as thoughts, emotions, beliefs, behaviors, habits and mindset.

 The stigma that you require coaching when you are struggling is also long gone. You do not only have to be struggling to be involved in coaching. Coaching is all about being proactive. It is a collaborative approach to go deeper and reach higher levels that you may have previously struggled to attain and maintain.

Potential Coaching Topics

Emotional Intelligence

In A Rut?


Self Esteem

Managing Procrastination

Cultivating Mindfullness

Managing Stress

Self Management

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a fundamental component in a person’s personal, professional, and social life. It is the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict. It can be developed through awareness and practice.

Often, we assume that “successful” people are really smart and we assume that they must have a really high I.Q., however this is different from having a high level of EQ

IQ tests measure your ability to solve problems, use logic, and grasp or communicate complex ideas. EQ tests measure your ability to recognize emotion in yourself and others, and to use that awareness to guide your decisions.

Do You Feel Stuck and overwhelmed ?

  • Struggling to find your life path?

  • Struggling with finding your passion in life?

  • Want something different but not sure what?

  • Questioning your life, considering making changes?

  • Do you feel like you are “going through the motions”?


  • Focus on your core values

  • Focus on what is most important for you

  • Examine your current beliefs and processes. Identify the blockages.
    Set goals for change

  • Structure an action plan to develop habits to achieve your goals.

Your mindset is everything. 

Change Your Mindset and The Results Will Follow.

How you manage your emotions and what habits you let form are all controlled by your mindset and how you use your higher faculties of the mind in everyday interactions.

  • Tired of living more in your head than in the moment in real life?

  • Do you wish you could connect on a deeper level?

  • Feel taken over or even shut down by strong emotions?

  • Dwell too much on the past and worry about the future?

  • Have feelings of failure and experience doubts with your abilities?

Self-esteem is the view we have of ourselves. It is shaped by our life experiences from family, school, friends and in wider society.

The way we feel about ourselves manifests itself in how we interact with others and basically how we approach our day to day lives.

  • Do you judge yourself harshly, often without realizing it?

  • Do you judge yourself with comparisons of others?

  • Do you lack self-confidence, feel “safe” in the herd even though you don’t fit in

  • With low self-esteem and lack of confidence – do you feel safer in “lockdown” mode.

  • Do you have feelings of: – Isolation, Loneliness, Shame, and lack of Motivation

Procrastination is simply the intention to avoid doing something that you know needs to be done. It can be as simple as making a dental appointment, a car service appointment or finding an excuse why you cannot start writing a report.

We have a built-in natural tendency to want to avoid doing things that cause us any level of discomfort…. it is habit forming. 

Procrastination can prevent us from reaching our goals and full potential and deprive us of success and joy.

  • Are you struggling with procrastination and suffering from a lack of motivation?

  • Are you scared of failure?

  • Are you afraid you may disappoint others?

  • Do you feel disorganized and don’t know where to begin?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed and want to avoid uncomfortable emotions?

Mindfulness is all about being “present”. Being actively engaged in the present moment. It’s about our unconscious behavioural pattens and mindset.

It is all about you understanding your internal and external realities that allows you to choose your responses to situations instead of being on auto pilot.

  • Are you on autopilot with regards to your emotions?

  • Scared to change, feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, and unsure of what you feel?

  • Are you following the herd… afraid to step to one side?


  • Through developing your “Six Higher Faculties of the Mind” (Perception, Imagination, Memory, Will, Intuition and Reason)

Throughout life we are all virtually guaranteed that we will experience stress.  Stress can emanate from past experiences or stress that we are currently in the middle of. It can be self-imposed stress of unavoidable stress. Over time many of us develop natural defence mechanisms to help us cope with stress. 

Is your stress management mechanism a healthy habit or do you need a better management technique? 

  • Are you struggling with stress and feeling overwhelmed?

  • Do you feel that the levels of stress you are managing is making you unhealthy?

Self-management is your ability to regulate your behaviors, thoughts, and emotions in a productive way.

This means excelling in both personal and professional responsibilities for the benefit of yourself and your team.

  • Do you often feel overwhelmed?

  • Do you feel that there is not enough time in the day?

  • Do you feel that you are not achieving your full potential?

  • Do you feel disorganized?

  • Do you procrastinate over decisions?

Executive Coaching Can Help You

  • Develop your self-awareness, manage your emotions and communication skills to strengthen existing relationships and build new ones.

  • Gain a deeper understanding into how your mind operates

  • Make the positive changes required to enable you to develop new habits.

  • Look at previous areas that created stress and negative emotions and provide a new perspective to enable you to feel more connected which will enable greater control.

  • Free up and remove blockages

  • Make long-lasting changes to your day-to-day habits and life patterns to lead you to a more constructive outlook.​

  • Broaden your self-awareness and remove blocks.

  • Look at stress and emotions from a new perspective.

  • Help you be more present, calmer, and connected.

  • Remove the obstacles through a change in your mindset

  • Make positive changes with your habits and emotions.

  • Develop new meaningful strategies to keep stress at a minimum and learn how to manage situations better when you feel that they are out of control